Meeting Update


We have a support group for moms in the Tulsa area!

Our group meets the first Thursday of every month from 7-9p.
We welcome all moms who are parenting children who have Asperger's Syndrome.
For locations and last minute updates about meetings, check here or (even better) check our Facebook page.
We are currently meeting in the back room at Mazzio's on 51st & Sheridan in Tulsa.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Love Month!

February!  The love month!  Well, as it has been since October since I've written, this post is WAY past due!  After bizarreness at the end of the 1st semester at school, and a computer that died - almost, came back - almost, died again, and now we have our son's laptop hooked up to our large screen to get us by...I'm ready to write!

As is is the Love month, I thought I'd focus on just that!  Our church recently welcomed a new pastor, and this man is the real deal as a pastor's heart goes.  He spent 2 months talking us through the reason he wanted to change our mission statement to focus on the simple statement of loving people to Christ.  2 months to talk to the church about loving people to Christ.  Got me thinkin' I do that enough at home?

When we are in the middle of living life with a kiddo with Asperger's, we often are just focused on getting everything done that's dictated by academia or social norms.  If there's a bad is really hard to remember sometimes that what the school system thinks or does is not important in God's eyes.  We need to remember that the bible clearly says that before we were born, He knew us.  We were all created for a purpose (because He loves us), and no I.Q. testing results, EOI testing results, psychologists reports or therapy reports will tell us what our purpose or our kids purpose is.  There is a purpose though, no doubt about it, and as the entire focus of the bible is supreme love, I really believe we will not be able to get to that purpose, especially for our kids who often cannot express themselves adequately, unless we bathe them and show them love.

We are going to try to be more deliberate about doing just that above and beyond the bones of a day - bad or good.  Let's all think about explaining, modeling or drawing pictures (however your kiddo best processes information) about loving each other, and showing that to other people with Jesus as our model.  Recently we have had great difficulty with what some might call teenage behaviors.  I wrote on my son's board in his room "Words without actions are nothing"; "Words without actions are everything" and explained that concept from the bible that speaks about faith without works.  Formerly, he would tell us how much he loved us after acting incredibly badly  and expecting all would be well with those words.  This explanation and modeling that went with it have been an amazingly transforming thing to our 15 year old who is trying to start to work out who he will be.   Even when our kids are at their worst, as a result of their Asperger's or other issues, they always need to know they are loved.   We may assume that they know this, but remember their concrete way of thinking and don't assume.  What they see from us is very likely what they believe. 

"A new command I give you:  Love one another.  As I have loved you, so you must love one another."   John 13: 34

You are loved!