Meeting Update


We have a support group for moms in the Tulsa area!

Our group meets the first Thursday of every month from 7-9p.
We welcome all moms who are parenting children who have Asperger's Syndrome.
For locations and last minute updates about meetings, check here or (even better) check our Facebook page.
We are currently meeting in the back room at Mazzio's on 51st & Sheridan in Tulsa.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Special Child

First off, please note that December's meeting is cancelled due to weather and shorter Christmas season!  See you in January!!!

I'm going to post what I always do for the December meeting, so if you have come in December previously, this is a refresher, and a reminder of what I think we all need!

Any child with any kind of special needs is a mighty load to carry on some days.  Any child with any kind of special needs is an unimaginable blessing on some days.  And...any child with any kind of special needs is a bit of link to the Almighty that those with all "neurotypical" kids (whatever that definition might be) simply will not see the way we will.  You will always hear from me that our kids have a purpose in this world that only they can fill.  I think their purpose may be hard to uncover sometimes, and not in the realm of "typical" paths, but that purpose is mighty in God's kingdom - of this - I am certain.
I also know that for those of us that have these kids, we are wondering "what the heck?"  a lot of the time - perhaps much more at first sign of atypical, or first diagnosis swag, etc,, but speaking for myself, I know I have lived the "what the heck" dimension, much more than I'd ever dreamed I would.  I don't know if it comes down really to a "why" question, at least for our family, but more of a "do You think you really have the right folks to shepherd this kid?"...directed at our Creator.
To this question, I would like to share a short piece that my Mom gave me many years ago, which I have up in my closet so I see it every day.  I hope you find strength in this as well, especially at this most blessed season, when we need to stop and think about why we even celebrate Christmas, and remember that the word Christmas really is all about Christ.  The first and really the only "atypical" child that changed the world.
Enjoy -
  "Maybe God chose Mary because He knew she would be the one to fortify herself, to be embroiled in inner turmoil for the sake of this special child.  It wasn't easy raising the Son of God.  And Mary was the one who would sit and wonder, "What am I supposed to do?"

So, be are in good company when you wonder "What am I supposed to do?", and remember we have a Savior who was raised by a Mom who just kept going!!

     "The Lord has blessed you and is with you.  Don't be afraid, Mary; God has shown you his grace."
                         Luke 1: 28, 30.

Christmas Blessings,