Meeting Update


We have a support group for moms in the Tulsa area!

Our group meets the first Thursday of every month from 7-9p.
We welcome all moms who are parenting children who have Asperger's Syndrome.
For locations and last minute updates about meetings, check here or (even better) check our Facebook page.
We are currently meeting in the back room at Mazzio's on 51st & Sheridan in Tulsa.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Well guys, it's that time!  End of Year testing is on it's way if you are public school for sure - and most probably if you are private as well, just of a different stripe!

April 3rd meeting will welcome Valerie Yelverton again!  She is in charge of the testing at her school, and is a wealth of knowledge for us all.  She is going to go over testing requirements in Oklahoma, and explain what can be so very confusing for us at times. 

A quick thought on this testing business...A favorite quote of mine is from Albert Einstein.  Our son had it up in his room for quite a while and it is an everlasting favorite of mine...especially for a Mom, with a kid who tests very poorly due to anxiety.  That quote is:  "Not every thing that can be counted counts, and Not everything that counts can be counted."  I love that.  It actually paraphrases what the Bible says about what counts to God:  It comes from 1 Samuel 16:7.
               "..."The Lord does not look at the things man looks at.  Man looks at the outward  appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart."
We get caught up in this testing grind, I'm sorry to say.  We are prepping our kiddo as much as we can, have appropriate accommodations built into his IEP, have done as much pre-activity as we can do, etc. etc.  But you know what?  (See above)...The Lord doesn't look at test scores.  He looks at the heart.  I think it would be a good thing to remind ourselves that our kids hearts need to be happy - and if that is by scoring well on tests...then that's what we should hope for them.  If it's not...then although we need to encourage them to be their best - we should try to reinforce as much as possible that they were created for a purpose, and help them find that purpose.  I was listening to a radio program the other day that talked about how America is unique to every other industrialized country.  We define success as what is our attained title, influence and financial status.  Other countries have a section of society that does that, but generally is more focused on being successful because a person is really good at something.  That something may not be very high profile or high title at all.  But if you are happy and good at something...that means more than the American version of success.
As I go around speaking at more and more venues about bringing incredible college programs to Oklahoma that other states already have which would provide the supports our kids need...I am struck again and again by a better definition of success.  Current status quo may be to define success by type of degree and all that goes with it.  Perhaps a better status quo would be to define success by achievement of goals - glamorous or not so, because it makes a heart happy.   "the Lord looks at the heart"...
Happy Spring!